The Passion of Reggae and African Music

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The Passion of Reggae and African Music

Drumming and dancing have been part of Africa's culture for ages as ceremonial activities initiated by the ancestors to appease the gods. Unwillingly stolen away from Africa to the Caribbean, African music and rhythm finds its way to these islands in the form of reggae music. Since then, reggae has acted like a magnet, creating a huge impact on the global music scene. This type of music, which carries a prophetic message and spiritual lyrics, continues to influence musical genres, cultures, and societies throughout the world, contributing to the development of new counterculture movements in Europe, America, and Africa. "Reggae in the bathroom, Reggae in the bedroom, Reggae everywhere, Reggae in jail, Reggae in church, everybody likes it," sings Lucky Dube. In this book the writer speaks to some of the masters behind contemporary reggae and African music. The influence and impact of these great musicians is internationally known and is recounted with warm, sincere, and unrivalled craftsmanship that distinguishes them in the music world. Read the live performances and interviews of: Anthony B, Joseph Hill-Culture, Gregory Isaacs, U-Roy, Capleton, Julian Marley, Prince Malachi, Luciano, Lucky Dube, Julian Murvin, Andrew Tosh, ASWAD, Live Wyya, Seun Kuti, Femi Kuti, Faytinga, Manu Dibango, and Tutu Puoane. This beautifully illustrated, color photo book is one of the most fascinating and interesting works ever written about reggae and African music.

AIDS Doesn't Discriminate

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AIDS Doesn't Discriminate

Benta lives in a little apartment in the Lake District on the outskirts of one of the beautiful cities in the Scandinavia Denmark - Aarhus. She soon becomes seriously ill after being diagnosed with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The stigma surrounding the disease causes many of Benta's friends and family to desert her. Kofi, an illegal immigrant, willingly accepts the task of caring for Benta and marries her with hopes of remaining in Denmark. Benta's condition eventually worsens, and she is admitted to the hospital. Kofi receives word of her death and faces the possibility of deportation to Africa. Due to the discrimination Kofi faces regarding his care for an AIDS patient, he questions whether he did the right thing. "I Don't Have AIDS," which is dedicated to HIV/AIDS victims worldwide, eliminates the fears of caring for such patients and brings the human side to the forefront.

Little Boygium

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Little Boygium

"Little Boygium, Wonderful Experience" reveals how Joel endures nearly impossible challenges while simultaneously juggling a forklift driving course and writing books. He calls these tough moments "the wonderful experience." A brilliant book written by a writer, an adventurer, and a storyteller, "Little Boygium, Wonderful Experience" is an incredible book of inspiration and encouragement to anyone who may suddenly find themselves in an unfamiliar profession.

Heart of Endurance

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Heart of Endurance Cover

The departure of her husband to Europe left Akua and her one year old son in a state of total darkness and solitary confinement. There were rumors around the neighborhood that her husband had abandoned her and married a White woman, as many Africans do in order to obtain documents in Europe and the United States of America.

A beautiful and charming woman, many men, including pastors who would rather succumb to sin than resist temptation and adultery, tried to date her, making the already confused Akua plunge deeper into despair, insecurity and uncertainty. Eight years had already passed but her husband had yet to return home to her and their now nine year old son.

Nine years after physical and psychological torture, she happily reunited with her husband, but her life took an agonizing turn as she was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer, robbing her of her happiness, strength and time. Heart of Endurance reveals how Akua dealt with feelings of depression, loneliness and illness. An interesting book for both teenagers and adults.

Overseas Chronicle

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Overseas Chronicle Cover

"Overseas Chronicle: The Rome and Amsterdam Experience" is another suspenseful, thrilling epic from Joel Savage and inspired by true events. Savage explains how, as an illegal immigrant in Europe (before becoming documented), he survived the hostile harsh conditions and mafia gangs of Rome, Italy, by sleeping at rough places including the central train station and the notorious pantanella, an ex-Pasta factory, which harbored all criminal activities.

He tried and made it to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, only to realize that he had arrived in a country whose hard immigration policies and liberal laws on drugs like marijuana had taken its toll on many illegal immigrants, by turning them into junkies and alcoholics.

Eager to get documents, he made a wrong move that landed him behind bars. One may never know the experience of being an illegal immigrant until reading this comprehensive and vivid account of Joel Savage’s experience in both Rome and Amsterdam. "Overseas Chronicle: The Rome and Amsterdam Experience," is a book of pain, anguish and sorrow, written with passion.

The Writer Died

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The Writer Died Cover

Kumbe finds himself in a hostile environment, as a victim of divorce and neglect. An environment he witnesses the suffering and hustling his mother goes through to feed him. He was unhappy because his father was neglecting his family, spending his fortune on other women. He sees his adolescence as a struggle to win the support of his father.

At school, he was among the best students. This gives him inspiration to fight to educate himself. In a confused society, Kumbe spends a better part of his life visiting the library, reading and studying. Despite daily horrendous life he passes through, Kumbe excels to be an outstanding journalist and writer, attached to the president of his native country, Ghana, with enormous enthusiasm and optimism.

However, in his lifetime as a famous journalist, his fame gives him nothing but hatred, jealousy and blackmail from an empire of deceitful enemies. He stands strong and firm, destined to fight the cruel charismatic power of those forces haunting him. But they are stronger than him. Despite his wife’s moral and material support, Kumbe surrenders and dies mysteriously. Who and what killed him?

"The Writer Died" is a truly remarkable book of hard life experience of child neglect, an indispensable and inspiring book for anyone that may find himself in a similar situation. The writer tries to define, measure, classify, and understand what child neglect is like in Africa.

Road of Agony

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Road of Agony Cover

It started in Africa, the place often referred to as the Dark Continent, in terms of colour. But there is something more associated to the term dark, which might be spiritual or might be the simple chapters of the normal growing life of the African. However, such an experience of the normal growing life is too tough to handle.

Babatunde is a young man, whose harsh experience after his father’s untimely death still haunts him. Exposed to the world at a very tender age, he meets unpleasant situations, untold hardships, physical and mental suffering, coupled with frustration, which could have led him to his grave, but he survives every ordeal.

"Road of Agony" is a marvel of the humane, sorrowful, and lucid account, in a sharper, clearer image and understanding, of how corruption is within the police, border control officers, and the army in Africa. The writer has given the truest account of what happened to him, written in a startling manner as an African writer.

About the Author

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Joel Savage follows after his father who was a veteran journalist. His father’s influence propelled his flair for writing at a very tender age. At school, he wrote numerous articles for publication. After secondary school, he followed a short course in journalism at the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra to acquire more experience and writing skills.

As a freelance writer, Joel wrote feature articles for the Daily Graphic, the Ghanaian Times, and the Weekly Spectator in Accra for a certain period. He was the Belgium correspondent for “The Voice Magazine,” published in the Netherlands, for seven years.

He is now a prolific writer and an accredited card-holding member of “Vlaamse Journalisten Vereniging” (Flemish Journalists Association) in Belgium. He lives in Antwerp, Belgium with his wife and three children where he freelances for newspapers, magazines, and television.